What does the BaseImage Navigator app do?

BaseImage Navigator lets you download high resolution digital versions of our enhanced topographic and aerial atlases for use on your iOS device. Pinch zoom and pan your way around the map, examine intricate contour and points-of-interest details with the help of Apple's retina screens, and enable location tracking to use the built-in GPS functionality of the 3G iOS devices to take our maps into the field.

Where can I get maps for BaseImage Navigator?

Navigator features a Map Store with a growing number of topographic and satellite atlases from across the continental U.S.

How do I load my own maps into BaseImage Navigator?

At this time it is not possible to load your own maps into the app, although we are considering it for future releases.

Can I view maps offline?

Absolutely - once a map is downloaded from our Map Store, it can be loaded from the device's hard drive any time.

Which gestures are supported?

Currently, we only support pinch-zooming, panning, and one finger taps.

How do I delete a map?

To delete a map, tap the "edit" button in the upper left-hand corner of the map library screen. This will reveal a small "x" icon on the map - tap the "x" to delete the map.

How do I use the built in GPS?

On the map screen, there will be a small cursor symbol similar to those found in the Apple and Google mapping apps. Tap this symbol, and if you're in the appropriate area of coverage the map will zoom to your location, placing a blue dot at your location.

Please contact us at larrylansdowne@gmail.com or call (800) 648-3766 for further assistance.